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At Black Bear Paving & Grading in San Jose, we know that we are the clear choice when you are in need of a paving company. We know there are a lot of options out there and if you aren’t familiar with us, you may not know why choosing Black Bear Paving & Grading is the way to go. That’s why in today’s blog, we touch on five of the biggest reasons you should choose us as your paving company in San Jose and the surrounding areas!

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ADA compliance is a crucial aspect of any business. If your business isn’t easily accessible to people with mobility challenges, you’re not only missing out on business, you are breaking the law. In essence, ADA requirements are a set of guidelines that ensures people with disabilities can quickly, easily, and efficiently access and interact with your building. This includes accessible parking, entrances, facilities and more. Of all the ADA requirements, restrooms are often considered the most complex to navigate. In today’s blog, our concrete paving company, Black Bear Paving & Grading, talks about five common signs your restroom is not ADA compliant.


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