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The key to quality asphalt paving for a road or parking area for all-weather use is to prepare a suitable sub-grade or foundation, provide necessary drainage, and construct a pavement that will:

  • Have sufficient total thickness and internal strength to carry expected traffic loads,
  • Have adequate compaction to prevent the penetration and internal accumulation of moisture,
  • Have a top surface that is smooth; skid-resistant; and resistant to wear, distortion, and deterioration by weather and de-icing chemicals.

The sub-grade ultimately carries all traffic loads, Therefore, the structural function of a pavement is to support a wheel load on the pavement surface and transfer and spread that load to the sub-grade without exceeding either the strength of the sub-grade or the internal strength of the pavement.

The next figure shows wheel load ( W ) being transmitted to the pavement surface through the tire at an approximate uniform vertical pressure, ( Po ), the pavement then spreads the wheel load to the sub-grade so that the maximum pressure on the sub-grade is only ( P1 ). By proper selection of pavement materials and with adequate pavement thickness, ( P1 ) will be small enough to be easily supported by the sub-grade.

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